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Your teeth and gums are highly resilient and go through a lot during your lifetime.

But like every part of the body, they require regular TLC and will only sustain a certain degree of neglect before they begin to function less effectively. This is where general dentistry comes in. Coming along to routine dentist and hygienist appointments is paramount for ensuring the long-term health of your mouth and smile. Invest in your future, by never missing these appointments.

What should I know about general dentistry?

General dentistry is the umbrella term for dental services and procedures that help to keep your smile in great shape. Here are the treatments that come under the category of general dentistry at Beverley House:

Passionate about helping nervous patients

We’re committed to helping nervous patients convert anxiety into confidence. Our patient and understanding team are here to listen to your concerns and give you the tools to overcome the barrier of visiting the dentist. Our goal is to help you feel relaxed about coming to see us.

How will routine dental check-ups benefit me?

  • Prevention is everything: teeth and gums are incredibly tenacious to everyday wear but rely on daily care if they are to last as you age. Routine appointments and minor treatments such as fillings will protect your smile from going through invasive, complex and costly procedures in the future.
  • Good dental health informs good overall health: did you know your dental health and your overall health are more intertwined than you think? In keeping your teeth and gums healthy by coming in for routine appointments, you will reduce your chances of issues like poor cardiovascular health, diabetes and jawbone collapse.
  • Build your confidence: at Beverley House, you will always receive a warm and friendly welcome, and service from a team that really care. This can be a great comfort to patients who struggle with dental anxiety, helping them to establish a more positive association with the dentist.

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Beverley House Dental Logo
  • 1 Beverley Road | Hessle | East Yorkshire | HU13 9AE
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