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Here at Beverley House, we understand how much missing teeth can affect confidence, wellbeing and of course, your dental health and hygiene.

Seeking to replace missing teeth as soon as possible is in the interests of your dental health and emotional wellbeing. Dental bridges have been used to restore smiles for a number of years, and are renowned for producing predictable results for patients. We can create bespoke dental bridges just for your smile, and help you find your love of smiling again.

What should I know about bridges?

A dental bridge is a fixed treatment that can be life-changing, making eating and speaking easier day-to-day. A bridge is secured to your natural teeth and a crown is placed to ‘bridge’ the existing gap. The type of bridge we create for you will depend on where the vacant gaps are in your smile.

It usually takes two appointments (two weeks apart) to create and fit your dental bridge. During your first appointment, we will take impressions of your teeth and etch the teeth neighbouring the gap, so there is room to accommodate crowns, which will hold your bridge in place at either side. The dental lab will create your bridge using the impressions taken at the practice, and during a second appointment, your bridge is bonded securely in place. You’re then ready to go leave the practice and enjoy the lasting benefits of a beautifully restored smile.

How will this treatment benefit me?

  • Restore your smile to looking beautiful: a healthy-looking and beautiful smile goes a long way. Studies have shown that a healthy smile is attractive to employers and potential partners, denoting self-care and wellbeing.
  • Chew and talk with ease: missing teeth can be an obstacle to clear speech and to the consumption of certain foods. With a custom-made dental bridge, you’ll be able to speak with clarity and enjoy foods you like to eat; dental bridges achieve this by spreading forces evenly around your mouth when you eat.
  • Protect your teeth from drifting out of place: missing teeth create the risk of other teeth shifting out of place, and into the vacant gap, potentially warranting the need for orthodontic treatment in the future. A bridge will protect against this.
  • Investing in your oral hygiene: gaps in your smile are an easy target for food particles, which go on to becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. A dental bridge covers these gaps, reducing your risk of decay and gum disease.

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  • 1 Beverley Road | Hessle | East Yorkshire | HU13 9AE
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