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Losing teeth is never easy. No-one wants to lose the capacity to enjoy the foods they love, speak with clarity and smile with confidence.

Modern dentures have never been more cosmetically appealing – in fact, many patients come to us to replace older denture models as well as to treat missing teeth. If you’re looking to rejuvenate your smile and protect your oral and dental health, we can create bespoke dentures that are befitting of your smile and facial aesthetic.

What should I know about dentures?

Dentures are a removable treatment that not only replacing missing teeth but provide structure to your entire face. Individuals who have been living with missing teeth for many years can sometimes appear as though their face has sunken, due to losing some of their jawbones through lack of stimulation. Whilst dentures don’t directly address this issue directly in the same way treatment like dental implants can, they undisputedly give the face a fuller and healthier appearance, which in turn, gives patients a big dose of confidence.

Your dentist will decide upon whether you are best suited to acrylic or chrome dentures after an initial examination of your smile. Before your bespoke dentures can be made, we’ll need to take measurements and impressions of your teeth and identify a tooth shade that will best suit you and your facial makeup. Your dentures are then made by a skilful and experienced technician and returned to us at the practice. As soon as we have your dentures, we can invite you along for a fitting appointment, during which we may make some small tweaks and adjustments.

How will this treatment benefit me?

  • Love your smile every day: replacing missing teeth has the potential to breathe life into your day-to-day life, improving your confidence, wellness and self-image.
  • Protect your oral health and hygiene: missing teeth create a number of issues for your dental health and hygiene, ranging from increasing your chances of gum disease and oral infection, to increasing your chances of migraines and even heart disease. Getting dentures can give you peace of mind where this is concerned.
  • Improve your bite: modern dentures are highly effective in restoring a patient’s bite and can help the jaw move more fluidly.
  • Enjoy more food and a healthier diet: those who have multiple missing teeth will know that it can make eating a daily struggle, particularly solid foods. Dentures return your ability to chew and thanks to this, you can enjoy a more varied diet, making it easier to eat more healthily.

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