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Today, the demand for minimally-invasive cosmetic dental procedures is high and thanks to composite bonding, it’s now possible to transform a tooth in this way.

Though often compared to veneers, treatment with composite bonding is faster, cheaper and won’t require the removal of any of your natural tooth matter. Repair imperfections like cracks and chips and improve the shape and shade of a tooth with composite bonding.

What should I know about composite bonding?

We, dentists, have become particularly drawn to composite bonding, as the treatment process allows us to add the composite material little by little. This enables us to create a precise restoration that resembles a real tooth.

An initial conversation with you about what you dislike about your tooth or teeth will come first and foremost during your appointment, helping us to understand, how we can help you. We can then begin treatment by preparing the tooth, using a gel to cover it before applying the composite resin, a material that’s an excellent match for natural tooth enamel. Using a UV light, we set the tooth to ensure it’s strong when you perform everyday functions like chewing and biting down.

How will this treatment benefit me?

  • Speedy and minimally-invasive: composite bonding can be carried out in one appointment, whilst veneers usually takes two or more – ideal for busy people. The process doesn’t involve any of your tooth enamel being removed.
  • Sculpted for you: as we mentioned above, the composite bonding process allows us to be incredibly diligent and produce a result that looks beautiful and natural in the context of your smile.
  • Find your confidence to smile again: imperfections with your teeth (especially those most visible when you smile) can leave you feeling paranoid about how your smile looks to others. Feel great about showing off your teeth again when you leave the practice, having addressed the imperfections you were unhappy with.
  • Durable result: it’s true that composite bonding isn’t as durable as veneers, but with the correct care, the results can still last for up to a decade. After your appointment, we’ll take your through how to prolong the life of your newly bonded tooth for as long as possible.

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